Art Never Dies in Bowie City

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The city of Bowie is not only interesting because of the current and future developments. It has always been a point of interest because of the diverse activities that can be done within the city’s premises. Recreation of all sorts will make the lives of residents fulfilling. 


For instance, one can expect art to be a permanent implant of the city life. The city government itself assures that residents and visitors alike will appreciate arts at all levels. There are art galleries in the city hall. Anyone doing transactions with the city government departments can already have a glimpse of such art. 


Located at 15200 Annapolis Road stands the Bowie Center for Performing Arts. It is a unique professional theater facility with 800 seats. For those who are avid fans of plays and other forms of performances, this is a perfect venue to view such arts. 


Another venue for the appreciation of theater arts is the Bowie Playhouse. It is located within the woods of White Marsh Park. It is the proud home of the Bowie Community Theater, the 2nd Star Productions, and the Prince George’s Little Theatre. There are also seasonal performances staged in this 150-seater indoor theatre.


The city government also encourages public arts to enrich the community. There are several examples of public art that can be found within the city’s perimeters such as the 48x66 inches bronze and copper dial symbolic of the city’s future. The masterpiece is the work of Gio and Judith Schiavone of New Mexico. Amazing characteristic of the sundial include the bronze outlines of children depicted playing. This work of art is now one of the city’s points of interests.


Holding the title as the city’s first public art is Ham’s Shadow. It is located at Sussex Park and depicts a horse and its shadow in a glorious metal sculpture. Inspired by the race horse Ham’s Sandwich, Donna McCullough rendered her childhood memory with an art that is now a subject of public admiration.


In Old Town Bowie sits a sculpture of a blue bird for children and enthusiasts to enjoy. This was an original part of a series of sculptures commissioned by the Maryland National Park and Planning Commission which were displayed in various parks as exhibit. Fortunately, the city government purchased one of the sculptures which is now popularly known as Lost Blues Brother Bird.


Another public art in the city is symbolic not only of the city but also of the state of Maryland. It is a 12 feet long and 12 feet wide bronze sculpture touted as the interpretation of Black Eyed Susan, the state flower of Maryland. Incidentally, it is also the type of flower in the flower blankets given to racehorses that emerge triumphant in the prestigious Preakness Stakes. Dubbed as the Triple Crown, this public art is amazing visitors of the new city hall since 2011.


With these theatres and public arts, it is truly evident that art is a formidable part of the city life that everyone is enjoying within Bowie City.