Keeping You Busy at Greenbelt, MD

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The city of Greenbelt in the state of Maryland is an interesting place. A day could be busy enough to set foot on numerous spots where memorable activities can be done and shared with friends and family.


Reliving the history of the city.


As a planned community back in 1937 the city of Greenbelt preserves it history for new generations to fully understand what the city underwent to become what it is today. Through the Greenbelt Museum, this purpose is rightfully achieved. Visitors can relive the city’s history not only by visiting this community museum which stands in 10B Crescent Road but also by participating in its regularly-scheduled lectures and exhibits. To date, the nearby historic house at 10A is proposed to become a visitor and education center.


Drown yourself in a dose of arts.


Arts is one of the factors that make Greenbelt flavorful. It gives residents an extraordinary break away from the usual routines. The Greenbelt Arts Center (GAC) acts as a catalyst to serve this function. This 85-100 seater community theater is home to regular stage performances of world-class plays and theatrical arts. Those who frequent this spot in Centerway knew that coming early to the venue gives extra opportunity to marvel at displays by the city’s artists and photographers. It is a true melting pot for the arts.


Wandering at space program contributions.


The space is probably one of the most interesting subjects imaginable. The thoughts of stars, planets, and space crafts would instantly create an astronaut-wannabe feeling. Do you know that this feeling can be rightfully enhanced and experienced at the NASA Goddard Visitor Center which is located at Greenbelt Road. Interactive exhibits and program are designed to spark the interest of visitors to space exploration while at the same time highlighting the center’s contribution to the knowledge of our Earth and also of the universe. 


Already interested in setting foot to these places? Greenbelt has still lots of places that are waiting for you not only to be visited but also to serve as places where you can create new memories.