The Latest Developments Shaking Up Bowie City

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Real Estate


Bowie City continues to show signs of growth. This has been very evident with the successive developments in the real estate industry giving residents and movers more choices of residential units fit not only for their lifestyles but also for their financial limits.


One such development is the mixed use zone of Amber Ridge. Set to occupy about 20000 square feet of commercial retail development. This is apart from what would be the proposed 150-200 units of single detached family homes.


Another important development within the city is the inclusion of about 225 apartment units within the Bowie Marketplace. This is touted to give the area a more diverse environment. The retail component of the place will also benefit from the residential component since there will be more people to set foot traffic to the commercial establishments.


Previously dubbed as the Karington project is now known as the Southlake. This enormous development is set to stand on a total of 382 acres of land. From this allotment will rise 475000 square feet of retail use, 200000 square feet for office spaces, 390 hotel rooms, and 1294 dwelling spaces. Of these 1294 dwelling spaces, there will be 136 single family detached units, 664 townhouse units, 390 multi-family units, and 104 two-family units. City residents who are eyeing first homes or investment homes can choose from various choices in this development.


The Melford Town Center is also receiving upgrAdes with future developments set to enhance a more convenient tone of living in this thriving mixed use zone. Apart from the construction of Courtyard by Mariott, there are also two hotels which are expected to rise in the vicinity. There will also be age-restricted dwelling units that will make the community more diverse. Sites have also been identified for standalone and inline retail spaces which will support the needs of the future occupants of the vast dwelling units which will also rise in the township.


If these developments will push through, the city of Bowie will provide its residents more options of dwelling spaces. Businesses are expected to thrive in the said areas not only to create more employment opportunities but also to add to the economic growth of the whole city.