There’s Never A Dull Moment in Annapolis

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Anchored on its tag as Maryland’s capital, the city of Annapolis proves to be a very interesting city to live in or even visit. For first timers, the wealth of activities that can be done in its perimeters are proofs that there is never a dull moment in it!


For instance, traversing the downtown district will make you admire the architectural style of the houses built back during the 17th and 18th centuries. What will make you more amazed is when you pass through the residences of the four Maryland signers of the Declaration of Independence which we all know played huge part in the country’s history.


The Main Street is where numerous fashion stores are lined up or both men and women to enjoy. Souvenirs are also found in here so if you’re a visitor this place is a must-visit. On Dock Street is where specialty stores are mostly found. If you want decors, antiques, and other home items to be new additions to your house, then Maryland Avenue as well as the West Sreet are the strips you should go to. 


The city of Annapolis became a melting pot of cultures when its seaport became gateway of other races to come in. As such, the cuisines in the city became influenced with the tastes of these races. This has become evident in the variety of food hubs that can be found in the city especially in the historic district. A lot of pubs, sushi bars, seafood restaurants, cafes, and even informal dining hubs such as street side eateries are scattered throughout giving both residents and visitors authentic food choices while enjoying their shopping sprees in the district.


And while enjoying shopping and dining, music and arts add spice and flavor to these activities. Live music can be heard in most pubs and restaurants while specialty and fashion shops have their own playlists of recorded music for their patrons to enjoy while in the four corners of their stores. Visual arts are best enjoyed in the district’s art galleries while live arts are witnessed in the city’s live stages and performance venues.


With these throngs of activities to enjoy in Annapolis, it is up to you to prove that there is indeed no dull moment in the city!