Upcoming Developments in Annapolis

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Being the capital of Maryland, the city of Annapolis continues to be developed not only to upgrade the living standards in the city but also for the city to provide sustainable and convenient living to its residents.


The city government has in its arms various projects which will improve the cityscape. There are mixed use developments that will soon introduce several housing projects to accommodate new residents of the city. These developments are also eyed to add employment to the city since new retail stores like shops and restaurants are also set to open in these zones.


Expansion projects are also lined up to improve the services of existing establishments and buildings. The Annapolis Public Library is set for a replacement. With this project, a larger repository of reading materials is expected to be of service to the students and the public once finished. 


A school has also submitted a proposal for expansion through the establishment of an additional two-storey building. This is probably to accommodate growing school population.


Existing retail stores have also applied for expansions and repairs. There are applications to extend parking spaces, add tenant stalls, and add amenities in complexes.


With all these developments, what are always anticipated are the number of new construction homes that will be erected in mixed use lands. Among the exciting housing projects to watch out for include the Village Greens where 89 multi-family units are expected to rise; and the Annapolis Towns at Neals Farm where 50 single family attached townhomes will become new dwellings of families and individuals.


Annapolis City is truly diverse not only when it comes to shopping, dining, arts, and music. The city is also diverse in terms of the current developments that are shaking up the city. Who would not want to be part of this very dynamic city!